Valinor Earth at 500 Global Aichi, Japan (2022)

We are part of the Landing Pad program of the Aichi (Japan) Preferecture and 500 Global initiative. We had our Demo Day on Mar 17, 2022. The Program was a 6-week acceleration program where nineteen Startups were selected from eight countries.

Valinor Earth’s pitch starts at 17:46 minutes into the video.

Accelerate Aichi by 500 Global consists of three types of programs which are all aimed at creating successful startups, building an innovation culture, and stimulating ecosystem growth in Aichi Prefecture.

Chosen by the Japanese national government as a part of the Global Startup Cities, Aichi aims to promote innovation and further develop new industries by welcoming cutting-edge technology startups from Japan and around the world.

It was a great experience meeting Startups from around the world intending to kickstart a relationship with Japan. Valinor Earth applied as an AgTech but pivoted and came as a ClimateTech Startup.

We are greateful and would like to thank the 500 co-ordinators, mentors, and everyone else involved – Misaki Majima, Agahuseyn Ahmadov, Ayumi Ode, Carrie Liauw, Wakana Fukuda, Timur Daudpota, Jaspreet Dua, Jin Tanaka, Rochelle Kopp, and Fuminori Gunji.

About Aichi

Situated at the heart of Japan in between Tokyo and Osaka, Aichi Prefecture is known as one of the gateways to the Asian market for international business ventures. In addition, the business expenses are relatively low compared to other major metropolitan cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Aichi Prefecture was identified as a “startup ecosystem global hub city” by the Cabinet Office in 2020. The region is well-known for their mission-driven initiatives including designated market expansion offices that aim to help foreign startups set up new business and a startup support center that offers free coworking space and mentorship for startups.

Aichi prefecture plans to and will support with Visa applications for international Startups, office space, subsidies (Nagoya city, GNI, and Aichi prefecture), grants for research-n-development. They are constructing a dedicated Startup support center in Nagoya, Station Ai (owned by Soft Bank Corp). Station AI is inspired by Station F, Paris.

Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Unfortunately, three of the Startups from our cohort are based in Ukraine or have teams there and were directly affected. One of the team got their factory bombed. We wish them good luck, and they will come out stronger.